Jag försökte sova. Men det gick inte.


35mm I shot of my witch angel babies…
LA WITCH!!! Girl power<3 Watch out for them & check ‘em out

So a lot of you used to know me by my old URL Slut4Satan, but due to a stalker I had, I had to change my url for safety reasons. I lost a lot of followers because people did not realize it was still me. So I am doing a giveaway for all the people who have stayed with me and still enjoyed my blog, and also hopefully get some people back who I used to be friends with who think I have disappeared.
I am doing a giveaway of some pretty beginning feminist literature, its for people looking to find out more about feminism/relationships/sex positivity. Consider it a starters kit to feminism. Im also including some sexy fun so you can practice your new sex positive attitude <3
Full Frontal Feminism
What You Really Really Want
The Feminist Porn Book
The Ethical Slut
Double Dong Vibrating Dildo
Wanachi Vibrator Wand
4 Trojan Condoms. 2 Her Pleasure. 2 Magnum
In order to enter the giveaway you MUST BE 18+ because of the sex toys.
You must be following me (Im trying to rebuild myself as advice/feminist education/sex education and want to help as many people as possible)
Must Reblog so I can keep track. You can reblog as many times as you like
Winner will be chosen at random using
Contest is open internationally.
Contest ends August 1st

Cassandra Frances


cutest thrift store finds! (^.^)

omg you actually found that at a thrift store???


The Cramps - People Ain’t No Good, 1986

Sing it children…

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